1. dina g

    I didn’t realize Rob Poulos used to be fat. Wow, he must really know what he is doing. The before/after pics in your other article make an impact. I would like to tone up but don’t want to be bulky so I’m glad to see this workout plan seems to the kind I’m looking for. I want to get rid of my tummy fat but I would also like to tone up my arms too so they don’t look so flabby when I wear sleeveless tops. I’m going to check out this out.

  2. kurt

    Thanks for the info. I need to lose weight and have been searching for a system that incorporates both working out and healthy eating. I think this one sounds like it would work for me. I have time to go to the gym but I don’t want to be there for hours every day.

  3. Amy Brody

    Fat Burning Furnace reviews are all over the internet. I have read a few so far, and this one was the most complete and basically answered all the questions I had, and then some I hadn’t thought of yet. I really need to lose some weight and I want to find a system that is right for me. I know once I start seeing some results, it will keep me motivated.

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